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Jan 26

Testing Something

Having a look at how the Draft interface may work for managing actual drafts.

Oct 19

GTAV Online

Sep 07

The Crystal Ship, is being filled…

The Crystal Ship, is being filled…

Jun 17

I Know What You Think of Me - -

I’ve often thought that the single most devastating cyberattack a diabolical and anarchic mind could design would not be on the military or financial sector but simply to simultaneously make every e-mail and text ever sent universally public.

May 16

THE CONNECTIVE: Get The Connective! -


After spending 48 hours furiously writing, editing, and designing (and many, many more hours anxiously awaiting its final release), we’re so thrilled to announce that The Connective, a crowd-sourced magazine created in a single weekend, is finally live and available for download. You can find it…

You should get this and read it. It’s great. And not just because I was one of the contributors.

Apr 01


Mar 15

Purina wants developers to build more video games for cats -

Cute as this is, I’d worry that introducing my cats to video games would mean I never get to use my iPad again.

It was bad enough when I had to deal with one cat who had developed a severe laser pointer addiction.

Mar 13

94,926 Items

Since March 11, 2007, I have a read total of 94,926 items in Google Reader.

So, yeah. The news broke today. Google Reader will be gone once the calendar hits July 1st, 2013.

Google Reader (or GReader) was the first RSS feed reader I ever used as more of my news consumption moved online and as my career as a journalist was starting to go somewhere and found myself needing to keep up on more and more sites.

In fact, it was probably the Google service I used most besides GMail. It was always open in a browser tab.

But soon it will be gone.

This whole thing feels like the time Yahoo announced they would be (using that great Silicon Valley euphemism) “sunsetting” Delicious, a rather great site for storing and sharing bookmarks.

While alternatives like NewsBlur and TheOldReader exist, I can’t help but worry, once again, about what happens when we start to rely on software stored on other people’s servers.

A massive company like Google shutting down a popular service like Reader suggests to me that no web app is safe.

Feb 22

The Most Terrifying Button On Facebook -

More and more, I begin to wonder if perhaps Facebook is some type of incredibly elaborate (and expensive) performance art.

Nov 09

Today's lesson in journalistic ethics -

I’m imagining the update to journalism school text books that’ll be appearing in the next editions:

Note that sleeping with a source is considered a bad idea and may be considered a violation of ethics and a conflict of interest. It should generally be avoided.